363/32, Svobody Str., Yaremche, Ukraine
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The capital of Hutsulshchyna – Verkhovyna (Zabie)

Vorokhta (springboard, cable-railway). Vorokhta spring. Kryvopilskyy Pass (at the elevation of 1013 masl). Home-Museum of the director S. Parajanov, where the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” was produced. Panske beer.
The admission to the museum is from 5 to 15 UAH.
The length of the route in one direction is 75 km.
The duration of the tour is from 10-30 to 17-00 p.m.
The cost of the tour: Individual tour (by a passenger car) – 500-600 UAH;
by microbus – 650-700 UAH;
Group tour (by bus) – 120 UAH per person (with Yavir – the centre of lizhnykarstvo + 20 UAH per Person).