363/32, Svobody Str., Yaremche, Ukraine



Thanks to the unique climate, breathtaking views, softwood aroma, friendly and welcoming staff of the Romantic Spa Hotel along with high standard service the Carpathians resort Yaremche is an ultimate place for spending holiday, family weekends.

A dynamic and modern Spa-hotel impresses it’s guests, pampering them every time with new services.

RThe Romantic Spa Hotel welcomes you to the world of health and beauty, where relaxation goes with exceptional style and taste.

Staying in luxury hotel you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy spa-treatment, to drink spring mineral water, to boost immunity system, to renew your mind and body.

Equipped with the modern facilities, our cosmetology salon provides rest with benefit. Spending some time with your body, correcting some defects or age traces you ll probably avoid surgical treatment later.

A tantalizing selection of treatments will help you unwind during your visit to The Romantic Spa Hotel as you relax in one of our luxurious treatment rooms while enjoying the pampering and indulgence that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and reinvigorated!


Esthetic cosmetology in the salon cares about guests’ health and beauty, offers complex spa-treatment and innovative medical technics of body shaping and face resurfacing!

Take proper treatment for your skin and accentuate your beauty!

Besides wellness procedures, such as sauna, various massage treatment – wide choice of health-improvement.

Our experienced professional staff will not miss a single detail, not only they will immerse you into the atmosphere of relaxation and luxury, but also renew your great shape.

We ensure personal approach to every guest!

The latest methods of rebooting, renewing and rejuvenating just for you!

Tonic and moisturizing cosmetic treatment for body, removal of cellulites, skin care.

Mechanical massage – one more amusement for you!

Mechanical cosmetology – one of the most promising line in cosmetology. It is used for treatment various esthetic defects on face and body. Non-invasive body shaping, skin care, which for the short period of time returns you bright shining face skin, fitness and body tonus.


Non-invasive, absolutely safe method of renewing and keeping youth and beauty.
An ultimate method of enhancement cells activity with the apparatus of the 7th generation Cellu M6, improved with technical innovations in body shaping and face skin rejuvenating. Revolution in beauty world! The treatment is exceptionally comfort, safe and easily tolerated. Only one manipulation provides you with the visible rejuvenating effect.

You will hardly find anything like this!

Base programs of face and body treatment, which depending upon personal indications differ by technique of performing, intensity of action:

  • Anticellulite body massage
  • Body shaping
  • Fat tissue slimming
  • Improvement of skin elasticity and skin turgor
  • Modelling and renewal of face oval
  • Tightening
  • Regenerating skin quality
  • Lifting effect
  • Lipomassage for ladies and gents


The first technology in the world excellent for performing complex of non-invasive treatment in one short course:

  • deep skin cleansing
  • mechanical dermabrasion
  • chemical (acid) peeling
  • deep moisturizing
  • age reversal

Gentle skin care technology. Awesome non-invasive treatment. Hollywood celebrities choose Dydrafacial!
Challenge to the coming generation!
Why not to try? It is worth to be done!


Inspired by professional aesthetics, the best cosmetic lines , created to act effectively to help you achieve a balanced figure and beautiful skin. High-technology formulas that are pleasant to use and leave your skin, shape and breast noticeably more beautiful, firm and toned. Exclusive formulations are intended to maintain optimally youthful skin by continuously controlling the main factors involved in ageing, regardless of the environment and taking into account the skin’s natural rhythms.

Professional French salon luxury skincare cosmetics for face and body. Developed by scientist-dermatologists and beauticians for many years, that is why it’s remarkable for its high efficiency and safety, high rate of environmental cleanliness for face and body.


Popular and effective against cellulite and fat depots. Widely used for body shaping. Based on the principles of lymph drainage.

What does it work for:


  • decrease of edema of different types
  • considerable weight loss
  • cellulite control
  • firming loose skin, making it even, elastic and bright.

The effect is immediate! No before and after treatment regimes or the regeneration interval.

Sessions are both enjoyable and relaxing:

  • Mechanical lymph drainage by the influence of compressed air on the lymphatic system. The air is delivered through special medical cuffs
  • the system is focused on lymph and venous flow carrying from bones to torso. Pressure on some parts of the body is computer monitored
  • at decreasing of pressure in the cuffs the vessels enlarge, blood flow to skin increases, subdermal tissue and muscles increase
  • clinically proven to treat vascular and circulatory conditions. Suitable for individual limbs; bilateral arm, leg, torso, groin. Removes liquid congestion in subdermal tissue – the main reason of cellulites
  • cleansing and boosting of skin tissues.


Body wrap treatment is known from the old times, when magic recipes were the art and not widely affordable.

Wrapping secrets:

  • – wrap you tightly from head to toe in special paper or film to give your pores a better chance of soaking in the treatment, to activate your blood flow, oil and sweat glands to make the process of waste removal to start
  • After the treatment the quantity of massage solutions, soaking into deep skin tissues, increases
  • Once the solution (cream, gel, ointment, balm or butter) has been applied, the beauty therapist will wrap you tightly in warm bandages
  • The main advantage – rapid result

Body wraps are treatments designed to tighten your skin, eliminate toxins, help with weight and aging.

Only 3 sessions and weight loss is visible! We use various natural solutions for wrapping – sea plants, honey, chocolate, clay, etc. The effect of these agents is doubtless!

Body wraps results:

  • Weight loss
  • Cellulite control
  • Skin improvement, toxin removal, gentle peeling
  • Blood and lymph circulation, immune system boosting
  • Intensifying metabolic process in subdermal tissue, decreasing heat elimination through skin surface
  • Eliminating edemas, soothing inflammatory processes.


The Romantic Spa Hotel cares about ladies’ luxury amusement, comfort and well-being.

Even relaxed every a lady is willing to look astonishing and to pay as much attention as possible.

Hair dresser’s services:

  • Haircut
  • Styling
  • Hairdo

Guest are recommended to book the service in advance.

The best cosmetic products, the latest technologies and the most experienced staff is here for you.

Qualified staff will quickly get you ready for important celebrations, a romantic dinner or a business meeting.

The salon is nicely designed in classic style to create cosiness and comfort for our guests.

Personal approach to every customer is guaranteed.



All hotel guests have free access to the swimming pools located at the hotel. The pools are filled with mineral water, including the outdoor swimming pool. Hydromassage will halp you to increase the tone and fully relax you . And for children there is a special pool with a slide and inflatable toys.
Salt Grotto

Salt Grotto

Salt grotto is a great tool for relaxation, which has a unique therapeutic effect. Staying in it perfectly cleanses the airways and charges your body with energy. The salt grotto in the "Romantic Spa Hotel" is equipped with comfortable treatment beds and a large screen, and the perfect atmosphere of the cave will give you complete relaxation.
SPA massage

SPA massage

Professional massage services, that you can enjoy in the “Romantic Spa Hotel”, will help you plunge into the atmosphere of bliss. You can recuperate after a long walk, relax, relieve stress and get cheerfulness due to variable techniques.


Become the owner of a luxurious tan after paying a visit to our solarium located on site. It prepares the body for prolonged influence to sun rays and gives the skin a beautiful velvet tone. And do not forget that when using a solarium you can increase the dopamine level in the body and become a bit happier.
Restaurant / Bar

Restaurant / Bar

One should visit the restaurant-pub "Hubertus" in order to appreciate the taste of traditional dishes of the Hutsul cuisine, enjoy the taste of beer "Panske" and to spend a pleasant time in elegant atmosphere of the place, decorated in the old style of Austrian beer houses.
Event Planning Services in Ukraine, Yaremche

Event Planning Services in Ukraine, Yaremche

Romantic Spa Hotel offers not only a colorful rest on the background of the Carpathian Mountains, but also the qualitative and planned organization of business meetings and corporate events. We are notable for high level service and elaboration of all organization details. There are 3 conference halls equipped with projectors, screens, speaker's stands and other necessary elements for public speaking.


The "Romantic Spa Hotel" offers many interesting sightseeing tours in Ukraine. You can visit famous historical sites and architectural monuments, see unique natural sights, drink healing mineral water from sources, taste beer in a traditional Ukrainian brewery and try delicious dishes of local restaurants.
Romantic Kids

Romantic Kids

The Romantic Spa Hotel is an excellent place for spending leisure time with family. We are delighted to welcome you in our hotel. Plenty of different activities, entertainments both for adults and kids are waiting for you!


While in the "Romantic Spa Hotel" you will not have problems with the organization of your leisure time. The hotel administration is always ready to help and select the kind of active leisure that is interesting for you. For each client we can find an unforgettable adventure: you can master the numerous hiking trails, ATV riding, jeeping or conquer the Carpathian rivers and much more!


Guests of the Romantic Spa Hotel have an excellent opportunity to combine leisure and healthy procedures. Our spa hotel will surely please you with classical offerings and innovations in the world of cosmetology. Enjoy your vacation in an atmosphere of elegance and comfort, while the professionals work on you beauty.


Even while on vacation do not forget about the benefits of exercises: at your disposal the modern fitness centre, equipped with the latest equipment. Exercises help you stay in good shape and give a lot of energy for active leisure. Moreover, this is a wonderful rest for the mind.