363/32, Svobody Str., Yaremche, Ukraine



ROMANTIK FITNESS CAMP – This new approach to rest and work on them!

The unique format Fitness Camp in Ukraine! A powerful technique of the author’s intensive fitness trainer from Liudmyla Minyaylo her professional supervision.

Lyudmila Minyaylo – certified fitness trainer (FITNESSERVICE). Certified nutritionist (FITNESS ACADEMY UKRAINE) and consultant on healthy eating.

Constantly involved in the NTC CONVENTION, coach using hanging loops TRX, COREMASTER, instructor FUNCTIONAL TRAINING (acquired training in the world-famous Spanish instructor ISRAEL MALEBRE).

Engaged running long distances, and loves the feeling of adrenaline. Stance – moving forward and never stop there.


She has dozens of professional achievements with customers from the field – politics, business, television, cinema and show business. Star customers Lyudmila Minyaylo – Salome Vitvitska TV presenters, Vasilisa Frolova, singers – Anna Dobrydnyeva and many others.


ROMANTIK FITNESS CAMP – a unique program that aims weight loss, increased muscle tone, accelerate metabolism, improve well-being for body detox.

A good result is guaranteed thanks – a combination of cardio and ayerobnyh loads, swimming, SPA-procedures (aroma sauna and Finnish sauna), crushed ice, massage, beauty treatments (Press therapy, LPG, lymphatic drainage treatments, vacuum-roller massage).

And all perhaps in one place – ROMANTIK SPA HOTEL.



Advantages and uniqueness

Special fitness program (intensive) from star coach Lyudmila Minyaylo

Participation in the program favorite stars

Classes in ecologically clean area on the Prut river, the sound of a waterfall

Dietary Cuisine

A unique combination of loads, SPA-treatments and beauty detox complex

Complete Restart, renewal and relaxation by the crazy rhythm of the city

The healing spring water

Reward for the best results:

– 4 days stay

– 7 days accommodation


Carpathians – an environmentally friendly region of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Yaremche unique area, surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers. Our classes will be held outdoors, filled with sweet smells.

If you want to relax? Become leaner? Improve the body? Live in rhythm with nature? Wake up at dawn and go to bed at sunset? Walking in the fresh air? Enjoy a combination of nature and modern cosmetology SPA? Then you to us!


We guarantee a great and friendly team of like-minded atmosphere of sporting spirit and healthy lifestyle.

You will get an unprecedented boost of energy!


* Diseases in which it is impossible to engage in fitness:
– in diseases related to the cardiovascular system
– with hernia spine
– duodenal ulcers and stomach in remission
– chronic liver and kidney
– for kidney stones and hydronephrosis