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Salt Grotto

SALT GROTTO is the rest combined with health benefit.

Salt Room is a specially equipped room for halotherapy procedures.

Salt therapy (halotherapy, Greek Halоs – salt; therapia – therapy) is based on the above mentioned therapy method – speleotherapy.

The original speleotherapy in conditions of salt mines won recognition from patients and physicians as a highly effective natural method of healing, precaution and treatment. Still, the exclusivity of this method for obvious reasons restricts its widespread occurrence.

Currently, rooms where the microclimate of salt caves is created are named by various terms: halochambers, speleochamber, speleoclimatic chamber, climatic chamber, salt cave «living air» and others. They began making the attempts to recreate the microclimate of salt hospitals (halite, sylvinite) in ground conditions in the 80s years. This method was called «halotherapy» («halos» Greek «salt»). It established the reputation of an effective non-drug method of treatment.

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Work hours and price for visiting the Salt Room

from 8:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.
195 UAH / 40 min. – adults
95 UAH / 40 min. – children


Therapy and health improvement with the use of salt, the variety of which is speleotherapy and halotherapy.


It is (Greek Speleon – cave, therapia – therapy) a non-drug therapy. The main point of the method is the therapy of long-time stay in a peculiar microenvironment of caves, grottoes, salt mines, mines. Speleotherapy is applied for the therapy of patients with bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases, essential hypertension, diseases of the joints.


This is a method due to which the microclimate, similar to the underground salt caves, pits, mines, is artificially reproduced. This method is based on the healing properties of salt./p>


It should be noted that the first buildings for artificial microclimate represented a room with walls revetted with salt material. There were offered various ways of wall-facing, still it was found out that in order to create the aerosol the variable filters were to be additionally installed – nasititeli, labyrinth partitions, ventilation devices and other devices.

The method of therapy by a prolonged stay in the microclimate of salt mines or caves has been known for over 2500 years thanks to the discovered salt therms in Sicily. Speleotherapy as a therapy method goes deep into the centuries, for instance in the ancient epochs of India there are described soldiers recovering their strength in the environment of underground salt grottos.

On the European continent, Poland is the country which first began applying the “salt” therapy (speleotherapy). In the middle XIX century the physician F. Bochkovsky made a discovery. He noted that among the miners, working in the salt mine “Wieliczka” near Krakow, there was not a single person with asthma. Here, eventually, the “pulmonary salt hospital” was established for the first time in Europe.

In 1960 the country was visited by scientists and officials from Transcarpathia. This resulted in the establishment in 1968 in the salt mine No. 8 in the village of Solotvyno of a medical department that used the speleotherapy.

The effect was colossal! After the confirmation of positive results in the village Solotvyno, a separate hospital was built. The construction was completed in 1980, headed by the famous physician-scientist, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Mykhailo Torokhtin.

Scientific researches of Mykhailo Torokhtin led to formation of a new physiotherapeutic direction in speleotherapy.

The search of ways to reproduce the artificial therapeutic microenvironment of salt caves leads to the fact that 5 years after opening the first department, where the speleotherapy is used, it was built one of the world’s first halochambers (salt room) with the analogic microclimate of the underground hospital department in the village of Solotvyno.

The studies have confirmed that the artificially modulated environment is similar to the natural one that allowed spreading and mainstreaming such method of treatment as halotherapy, the introduction of which was not dependent on the season, weather, climate and other environmental factors.


In the air of the salt grotto there are hundreds of useful microelements discharged by salt, including magnesium, iodine, potassium, which clear the airways, enhance the immune system, have a restorative, rejuvenating and curative effect on the skin.

Health-improving effect is achieved by saturation of a room air with finely-dispersed dry aerosol of sodium chloride. By its characteristics the salt aerosol refers to the effective natural hypobacterial, hypoallergenic and ionizing substances. It inhibits the growth of malignant microorganisms, fungi, pathogens of inflammatory and other diseases, and has a unique positive psychotherapeutic effect on a human body.

The finely-dispersed dry salt aerosol (haloaerozol) of a wide range – from 0.5 mg / m3 to 10 mg / m3 – with four controlled therapeutic concentrations (modes). The presence of the salt aerosol sized from 0.1 to 5 mcm creates in a medical room the environment free from microorganisms and allergens. The respirable fraction (1-5 mm) makes up the bulk of the particles of the aerodispersive environment (over 97%), due to which the aerosol makes an effective influence in all, including the deep parts of the respiratory tract, . Physico-chemical properties of the aerosol define the specific methods of halotherapy, one of ehich which is the delivery of extremely small doses of the substance to the airways. When grinding in the halogenerator, the salt grains acquire negative charge and high surface energy, due to strong mechanical influence. When interacting with the molecules of air there appears its aeroionization (6 – 10 NC / m3). Light negative ions are an additional factor of the therapeutic effects on the body and cleansing of the room environment. This natural method of aeroionization is the most physiological and safe. Thus, the optimal aerosol and aeroions density, received from this technology, dives maximum therapeutic effect as compared to other ways of halo-speleoterapy realization.

Consequently, the studies have shown that the main curative factor is the small particles of the rock salt in the air – that is the salt aerosol, and the only legal, scientifically grounded halotherapy method in Ukraine is the treatment in the environment of dry NaCl aerosol with a sufficient therapeutic concentration.


The main curative factor of speleotherapy is salt, or NaCl, its smallest particles sized 1 – 5 microns. The small particles of salt penetrate deep into the bronchial tree, and have bronchodrainage, anti-inflammatory immunomodulatory effect on the respiratory tract, which indirectly improves the overall defense of the organism. Improvement of the drainage function and reduction of the airways inflammation facilitate the reduction of hyper-reactivity and lowering of the bronchspasm-inducing component.

The effect from the 30-minute session can be compared to several hours of sound sleep outdoors. Useful microclimate of the salt room has the curative and rejuvenating effect, strengthens the nervous system and gives a lot of energy to your body.

The salt rooms are applied for:

  • general rehabilitation and health improvement;
  • cleansing and treatment of the airways;
  • improvement of the blood circulatory system and lymph flow;
  • promotion of waste removal;
  • metabolic process stabilization;
  • cosmetological effect, rejuvenation, skin diseases treatment;
  • cellulitis prevention;
  • internal recovery and relaxation;
  • achievement of the stress-relieving and antidepressant effect;
  • for treatment of all types of allergy and its prevention.

More than 300 mln. people are suffering from bronchial asthma. Scientists have developed new drugs and treatment methods based on the the body defenses activation.

So, one visit to the salt room is equal to three days spent at the seaside!

In general, halotherapy is unsuitable at severe disease forms, acute recurrence and exacerbations, at individual intolerance of the salt aerosol components. We can provide the contraindications as follows:

  • mental diseases;
  • tuberculosis in the active stage;
  • any forms of the drug and toxic abuse;
  • acute infectious diseases and before the end of the isolation period;
  • diseases with acute purulent complications;
  • malignant growth, tumors;
  • diseases complicated by hemorrhaging of any nature;
  • acute blood diseases;
  • claustrophobia.

We recommend 40-45-minute sessions that can be repeated from time to time, as recommended by your physician. The design of the salt grotto in “Romantic Spa Hotel” in Yaremche, its aesthetic appeal promote positive effect on psycho-emotional sphere, create comfortable conditions for recreation in the Carpathians.

At your disposal there are comfortable beds and a big TV, that will make your stay in the salt grotto more cheerful.

Visit the salt grotto in “Romantic Spa Hotel” and find harmony with yourself and the outside world



All hotel guests have free access to the swimming pools located at the hotel. The pools are filled with mineral water, including the outdoor swimming pool. Hydromassage will halp you to increase the tone and fully relax you . And for children there is a special pool with a slide and inflatable toys.
Salt Grotto

Salt Grotto

Salt grotto is a great tool for relaxation, which has a unique therapeutic effect. Staying in it perfectly cleanses the airways and charges your body with energy. The salt grotto in the "Romantic Spa Hotel" is equipped with comfortable treatment beds and a large screen, and the perfect atmosphere of the cave will give you complete relaxation.
SPA massage

SPA massage

Professional massage services, that you can enjoy in the “Romantic Spa Hotel”, will help you plunge into the atmosphere of bliss. You can recuperate after a long walk, relax, relieve stress and get cheerfulness due to variable techniques.


Become the owner of a luxurious tan after paying a visit to our solarium located on site. It prepares the body for prolonged influence to sun rays and gives the skin a beautiful velvet tone. And do not forget that when using a solarium you can increase the dopamine level in the body and become a bit happier.
Restaurant / Bar

Restaurant / Bar

One should visit the restaurant-pub "Hubertus" in order to appreciate the taste of traditional dishes of the Hutsul cuisine, enjoy the taste of beer "Panske" and to spend a pleasant time in elegant atmosphere of the place, decorated in the old style of Austrian beer houses.
Event Planning Services in Ukraine, Yaremche

Event Planning Services in Ukraine, Yaremche

Romantic Spa Hotel offers not only a colorful rest on the background of the Carpathian Mountains, but also the qualitative and planned organization of business meetings and corporate events. We are notable for high level service and elaboration of all organization details. There are 3 conference halls equipped with projectors, screens, speaker's stands and other necessary elements for public speaking.


The "Romantic Spa Hotel" offers many interesting sightseeing tours in Ukraine. You can visit famous historical sites and architectural monuments, see unique natural sights, drink healing mineral water from sources, taste beer in a traditional Ukrainian brewery and try delicious dishes of local restaurants.
Romantic Kids

Romantic Kids

The Romantic Spa Hotel is an excellent place for spending leisure time with family. We are delighted to welcome you in our hotel. Plenty of different activities, entertainments both for adults and kids are waiting for you!


While in the "Romantic Spa Hotel" you will not have problems with the organization of your leisure time. The hotel administration is always ready to help and select the kind of active leisure that is interesting for you. For each client we can find an unforgettable adventure: you can master the numerous hiking trails, ATV riding, jeeping or conquer the Carpathian rivers and much more!


Guests of the Romantic Spa Hotel have an excellent opportunity to combine leisure and healthy procedures. Our spa hotel will surely please you with classical offerings and innovations in the world of cosmetology. Enjoy your vacation in an atmosphere of elegance and comfort, while the professionals work on you beauty.


Even while on vacation do not forget about the benefits of exercises: at your disposal the modern fitness centre, equipped with the latest equipment. Exercises help you stay in good shape and give a lot of energy for active leisure. Moreover, this is a wonderful rest for the mind.