363/32, Svobody Str., Yaremche, Ukraine


SPA pools

Hotels in the Carpathian Mountains with a pool are a great alternative to holiday in the Crimea. The hotel swimming pool is no substitute for the sea, but it is another, excellent way of spending a vacation. Especially if you take into account the great difference in service, catering, hospitality. There is no hydromassage at the seaside and you can always order our “Panske” “live” beer of premium class, and enjoy your rest in a pool under the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains.

SPA-POOL of the “Romantic Spa Hotel” is of European standard equipped with modern hydromassage equipment which will make you forget about all the problems, recover and improve your health.

You will get a great deal of positive emotions from recreation in spa pools of “Romantic SPA HOTEL”.


Pools in the «ROMANTIC SPA HOTEL» at your disposal:


Hotel in the Carpathians with a pool


  • Length – 16, 5m
  • Depth – 1, 5m
  • Water temperature – 28 º C

The indoor spa pool allows you to enjoy additional features of back, arm and body massage. This pleasant feeling of warm water brings not only delight but also use for your health.

Our pools are equipped with the latest hydromassage facilities which help not only to relax the whole body, but also to massage certain points, conduce rejuvenation and recovery. Also it provides guaranteed rest and recuperation after sports, fitness, aerobics, jogging.


Hotel in Yaremche with a pool


  • Length – 10m
  • Depth – 1, 45 m
  • Water temperature – 28 º C

Our spa pool in the open air enables you to breathe the Carpathian air and watch the beautiful mountain scenery throughout the year.

It is not cold in winter, as the required water temperature is set and therefore there is harmony between body temperature, water and air. And comfortable loungers allow sunbathing in the summer.


Bukovel hotel with a pool


  • Length – 6 м
  • Depth – 60 см
  • Water temperature – 34 º C

A wonderful spa pool with a slide will give your children a lasting impression and pleasant memories. The world of water games will bring joy to your children, and inflatable vests and swimming circles will make their stay in the pool comfortable and safe.




Since time immemorial, mankind believed in the healing effect of steam and sauna was considered to be a sacred place, where the spirit that gave everyone health and beauty hid. Warming up in the sauna leads to beneficial changes in the functional state of organs and body systems, strengthening metabolism. This is explained by the beneficial effects of heat on the cardiovascular and respiratory system. The sauna is furnished by ecologically clean tree varieties like linden and alder. The sauna can accommodate up to 50 people.



It is a perfectly comfortable place where you can forget tiredness and stress. The combination of massage and relaxing properties of ergonomic loungers with infrared heating provides tremendous therapeutic effect. In beer sauna the steam is dosed by natural “Panske beer” and a range of beer yeast is served for face and neck masks. Visiting beer steam sauna will become preventive measures against catarrhal and cardiovascular diseases. Beer steam sauna accommodates 7 people.



Aroma grotto is a kind of steam saunas where ergonomic seats with infrared warming are at your service. The basis of aromatherapy is the use of natural fragrant oils, which have a positive effect on the human body. Fragrant steam has a relaxing effect. There are unique conditions for permeation of curative fragrants into human body in aroma grotto.



Ice room perfectly tempers and strengthens the immune system. Change in temperature leads to beneficial changes of the state of organs and body systems, strengthens metabolism. And what is the most important – ice room braces up! If you are ready to remove the physical stress and get positive charge, the ice room for you.



Since ancient times setting up of the body was considered a strange recipe of preserving youth. The beneficial effect of contrasting temperatures on the human body was experienced by many nations. Strong heating of the body evokes the desire to cool oneself and vice versa. During rotation of such procedures – cooling and heating – temperature balance of body restores. There is circulating filtration and continuous disinfection of water.


Ергономічні лежаки

Ergo loungers with infrared heating serve for deep heating of the whole body, as well as for relaxation and recreation. This improves blood circulation and warm surface has beneficial effect on the central nervous system, spine and musculoskeletal system. Your body and soul will fill with energy, forget about tiredness and strengthen immune system.


Spa pools – from 8:00 to 21:00
Spa sauna – from 12:00 to 21:00

The use of spa pools and spa saunas
is included in the cost of accommodation!
Time in the spa pools and saunas is unlimited

Prices for people who do not live in the hotel:
Spa pools for children – 495 UAH.
Spa pools + spa saunas for an adult – 895 UAH (from 8:00 to 21:00)

Even better atmosphere of relaxation at spa pool “Romantic Spa Hotel” will be created by a great service of waiters and bartenders. At your disposal there is a lobby bar menu, refreshing drinks and cocktails. Service is provided on the territory of a spa pool “Romantic Spa Hotel”, Yaremche.

Spa pool will make you forget about your troubles and make your visit unforgettable and your stay in the Carpathians eventful! You will plunge into the world of pleasure and relaxation and get exquisite delight …

Check out time at the hotel “Romantic Spa Hotel” is at 12:00. All services that are included in the price (use of the spa zone) are available during your stay at the hotel, and after the estimated time (12:00) they are fee paying.

We request to behave quietly during your stay, so as not to interfere with other guests. Especially in the spa, spa pools, saunas.


  • It is recommended to wear slippers with rubber soles in the spa zone (if necessary they can be purchased at the hotel reception);
  • While your stay at Finnish sauna a towel should be used;
  • It is recommended to rinse yourself with water after the resting in the spa salons before visiting the spa pools;
  • Families with children are requested to introduce the rules of the spa zone to their children, to warn children of moving on the territory quietly (sometimes the floor near the pool is wet and slippery);
  • Parents are responsible for the safety of their children.


All hotel guests have free access to the swimming pools located at the hotel. The pools are filled with mineral water, including the outdoor swimming pool. Hydromassage will halp you to increase the tone and fully relax you . And for children there is a special pool with a slide and inflatable toys.
Salt Grotto

Salt Grotto

Salt grotto is a great tool for relaxation, which has a unique therapeutic effect. Staying in it perfectly cleanses the airways and charges your body with energy. The salt grotto in the "Romantic Spa Hotel" is equipped with comfortable treatment beds and a large screen, and the perfect atmosphere of the cave will give you complete relaxation.
SPA massage

SPA massage

Professional massage services, that you can enjoy in the “Romantic Spa Hotel”, will help you plunge into the atmosphere of bliss. You can recuperate after a long walk, relax, relieve stress and get cheerfulness due to variable techniques.


Become the owner of a luxurious tan after paying a visit to our solarium located on site. It prepares the body for prolonged influence to sun rays and gives the skin a beautiful velvet tone. And do not forget that when using a solarium you can increase the dopamine level in the body and become a bit happier.
Restaurant / Bar

Restaurant / Bar

One should visit the restaurant-pub "Hubertus" in order to appreciate the taste of traditional dishes of the Hutsul cuisine, enjoy the taste of beer "Panske" and to spend a pleasant time in elegant atmosphere of the place, decorated in the old style of Austrian beer houses.
Event Planning Services in Ukraine, Yaremche

Event Planning Services in Ukraine, Yaremche

Romantic Spa Hotel offers not only a colorful rest on the background of the Carpathian Mountains, but also the qualitative and planned organization of business meetings and corporate events. We are notable for high level service and elaboration of all organization details. There are 3 conference halls equipped with projectors, screens, speaker's stands and other necessary elements for public speaking.


The "Romantic Spa Hotel" offers many interesting sightseeing tours in Ukraine. You can visit famous historical sites and architectural monuments, see unique natural sights, drink healing mineral water from sources, taste beer in a traditional Ukrainian brewery and try delicious dishes of local restaurants.
Romantic Kids

Romantic Kids

The Romantic Spa Hotel is an excellent place for spending leisure time with family. We are delighted to welcome you in our hotel. Plenty of different activities, entertainments both for adults and kids are waiting for you!


While in the "Romantic Spa Hotel" you will not have problems with the organization of your leisure time. The hotel administration is always ready to help and select the kind of active leisure that is interesting for you. For each client we can find an unforgettable adventure: you can master the numerous hiking trails, ATV riding, jeeping or conquer the Carpathian rivers and much more!


Guests of the Romantic Spa Hotel have an excellent opportunity to combine leisure and healthy procedures. Our spa hotel will surely please you with classical offerings and innovations in the world of cosmetology. Enjoy your vacation in an atmosphere of elegance and comfort, while the professionals work on you beauty.


Even while on vacation do not forget about the benefits of exercises: at your disposal the modern fitness centre, equipped with the latest equipment. Exercises help you stay in good shape and give a lot of energy for active leisure. Moreover, this is a wonderful rest for the mind.