363/32, Svobody Str., Yaremche, Ukraine


Prices after 24.02.2022


For all room categories:


For one – 2490 UAH per day

For two – 2490 UAH per day

up to 9 years – free

9-14 years – 1010 UAH per day

14 years – 1245 UAH per day


Prices all inclusive 2022 (to 24.02.2022)


Room typeUltra all inclusive
SPA areaCost of spa pools and spa saunas are included in the cost of accomodation!
Premium Plus, single room with balcony 6 155 UAH/night
Premium Plus, double room with balcony 7 955 UAH/night
Premium, single room without balcony5 455 UAH/night
Premium, double room without balcony7 255 UAH/night
Luxe, single two-room suite with balcony8 655 UAH/night
Luxe, double two-room suite with balcony11 355 UAH/night
De Luxe, single two-room suite without balcony7 955 UAH/night
De Luxe, double two-room suite without balcony10 655 UAH/night
Apartments, double three-room suite with balcony and terrace22 255 UAH/night
Apartments, quad three-room suite with balcony and terrace22 255 UAH/night
Extra bed for a child up to 9 yearsFor free
Extra bed for a child 9-14 years old2055 грн./доба
Extra bed for an adult (from age 14)2355 UAH/night

*The prices are provided without the tourist fee