363/32, Svobody Str., Yaremche, Ukraine

Tour to the brewery “Panske Stanislaviv”

«PANSKE BEER» means the restored traditions of brewing of the Old Stanislaviv brought to the city by the famous brewer Sedelmeier.
The hop is a magical flower, thanks to which there is a tasty beer.

The history of the beer in Stanislaviv. An interesting legend.

In the field of brewing our Stanislaviv was not far behind.

The quality of beer is in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law «REINHEITSGEBOT» issued by the dukes Wilhelm IV and Louis X on April 23, 1516.
The taste of the beer has been created thanks to a classical brewing technology.
Known and recognized by the whole world the four beer sorts: light “Premium”, dark “Black”, wheat and yeast unfiltered “Hefe-Weissbier” and beers of the class “Pils”. Each of them has its own taste, and in any case will find its supporter.

The beer of the class “Premium” – filtered light – is the most popular beer sort in the world. It gained the affection of the majority thanks to its natural mild flavour.

The dark Beer “Black” is characterized by the velvety taste of caramelized roasted barley malt.

The natural wheat and yeast unfiltered “Hefe Weissbier” attracts by the colour, thick foam and delicate taste, which forms a mixture of wheat and barley malts.

And, finally, “Pils” is a bouquet of flavours and scents that are associated with the use of high-quality varieties of hop and malt.

Additional filtering of this class gives the perfect clear beer. The total brewing process takes 21 days.

And all the time the brewer’s team puts its heart and soul into the quality of the beer “Panske”!

Do you want to get to know how the best beer of Stanislaviv is made?

You have a great opportunity to get to know about the creation of the high-quality “live” beer in the brewery “Panske Stanislaviv”.

Each adult visitor will be able to see with their own eyes how the “live” beer is made and evaluate the taste properties.

You will become familiar with the secrets of brewing and will see a qualitative combination of brewing traditions with the latest technologies.

It is worth to see!

In order the brewery excursion to be informative and interesting for you, our brewers will allow you:

• to become familiar with the brewery and brewing technology;
• to taste and evaluate all beer sorts that are brewed in the brewery;
• to relish on fragrant sausages to the beer in the pub;
• to become positive and be in a good mood.

Come with your family, friends, colleagues, in a group and become closer to your favourite drink.

The cost of the excursion: 60 UAH per person
The price includes: a portion of sausages to the beer and beer pot (0.3 litres) of each of 3 beer sorts.

Enjoy the Panske relaxing flavors!

Interesting about Beer

Why the first month after the wedding is called “honey” and from where there is a phrase “the rule of the thumb”? This and another interesting look further.

• In Babylonia 4000 years ago, there was a custom in which the bride’s father gave to drink honey beer to the son-in-law during a month after the wedding. Therefore, the first month after the wedding is called “honey”.
• Before the thermometers were invented, the brewers had to low the thumb into the cooking beer to determine the right temperature for the adding yeast. Too cold and the yeast will not work. Too hot and the yeast will die. Hence the phrase “the rule of the thumb” came from it.
• Assyrian writings of 2000 B.C.E. claim that the beer was kept in the Noah’s ark.
• The ancient Egyptians greeted each other with “Bread and beer”. They also honoured Isi, the goddess of fertility and beer.
• The oldest recipe in the world, which has been preserved, is the beer recipe.
• The historians have found the evidence that in the Middle Ages, when the monks brewed the beer in the monasteries, it was allowed for each monk to drink almost 5 litres of beer per day.
• The largest collection of the beer bottles are owned by Ron Werner, who collected 11 644 different bottles since 1982. 7128 of them are closed.
• Oktoberfest is considered to be the most beer festival in the world.